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Privacy Policy

Hoosier Woodworks Store (hoosierwoodworksstore.com), Hoosier Woodworks (hoosierwoodworks.com), Silly Woodworker (sillywoodworker.com), (collectively known as HWW in this document) respects your privacy and does not sell, loan, trade or otherwise disseminate your personal information. HWW may contact past customers with offers or sales. HWW utilizes the services of PayPal (paypal.com) for secure online ecomerce transactions meeting PCI DSS compliance. HWW does not store, review, transmit or even see customers credit or debit card information. HWW also utilizes the services of etsy.com for ecommerce services as well as cafepress.com. Please review the terms and conditions, privacy policy and other legal documents on these sites.

Refund Policy

Your satisfaction is my number one priority. If you are not pleased with your purchase, return it for a full refund of the item(s) retail price (less shipping charges). I ask that you contact me at 812- 325-9823 or roger@hoosierwoodworks.com and explain the problem. I will make every attempt to resolve problem. Orders may be canceled anytime prior to shipment at no cost to you, the customer.