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White Oak Soap Rest

Extend the life of your favorite bath soap with this white oak soap rest. White oak is the strongest, most rot-resistant wood in North America and will last for years. Wide, deep grooves allow water to drain away and air to circulate around your bar of soap, extending its useful life. No more “gucky” soap! If a lot of soap residue does build up on the soap rest, simply toss it into the laundry!

Makes a great gift, especially when combined with a bar of homemade soap. Perfect as a bridal shower party favor. Each soap rest is about 3/4" x 2" x 3-1/2".

Fun Fact- After the American Revolution, The US Navy chose the plentiful white oak to construct the nation’s ships. Departing from the British method of using white oak only for the structural members of ships, ribs and keelson, American ship builders also used white oak to blank the hull. When war came again in 1812, the USS Constitution astounded the British admiralty when cannon balls fired upon her “bounced off as if she was made of iron,” hence the Constitution’s nickname, Old Ironsides.
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Soap Rest
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Craft Show Special

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50 and 100 Packs
Perfect accessory to sell with your handmade soaps at your next craft show. Tell the story of the white oak soap rest, let your customer feel them and smell them (they smell wonderful!) and suggest how much their gift recipient will appreciate this added soap accessory.

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100 Pack: $125 + 14.95 Shipping

Other sizes available, email me for details: roger@hoosierwoodworks.com
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